Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Miss Sixty Denim Overalls

Sherie read about my liking for the skinny suspenders look and was so nice to inform me about this pair of skinny denim jeans (with suspenders) which she bought from Miss Sixty. I'm sure she looks really gorgeous in them!

I promptly checked it out on Tuesday (while on leave and after a session at the gym, of course!) and loved the look so much I bought a pair as well.

I'm not inclined towards the gold flowy top worn by the model above and will pair it with a pair of ankle boots and a sleeveless top with red/white/black portraits ala Andy Warhol; the print of the sleeveless top is similar to the top in the photo below:

Flat abs needed for this look, I am now more motivated than ever to exercise off any excess. :D

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