Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Outfit Today

My outfit today to Zhenhui and Shufang's wedding lunch. GG<5 blue long top, leather belt, black layered skirt, Topshop black tights, Tod's patent leather heels, Purple Anemone clutch (I can fit an umbrella in there - most useful for a rainy day like today) and Purple Anemone SOOT charm bracelet!

When I tried the blue top with the black layered skirt at the boutique, my girlfriend thought it fitted better with black pants instead. But I went ahead with the skirt anyway, and totally not regreting it one bit; I like it better with the layered skirt than with conventional pants!

1 comment:

Jingyi said...

Halllooo?! Please dress like this when we have a date next time...