Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Black and White Wingtips

It probably sounds like I'm making a monumental fuss over something as trivial as a pair of shoes but I've been looking around for a pair of black and white/grey wingtips (oxfords) for the longest time. I've searched for it online and in the shops but so far the search has been in vain. A perfect pair would be one with moderate-height heels in patent leather. Found this nice pair with the perfect shape on ebay but it's not fully covered: This men's pair looks good too, pity it doesn't come with heels:
I thought my search has come to fruition when I found this B Store by Buddhahood pair in black and grey at Sole 2 Sole months ago and was so excited! But alas, it was not to be as the pair in my size was sold out:

I also found wingtips either in all black or all white in other boutiques but nothing as chic as this 2-tone pair. If you know where to get duo-tone wingtips, please let me know!


we wear things said...

great blog! i actually just saw payless shoes had some b/w wingtip cutouts



Xueli said...


Dee. said...

you can find them at forever21.com too!!

Sheryl Wong said...

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! :)

yumiko said...

these are so cute!they look a bit like tap-dancincg shoes :]]
i wish i had

Anonymous said...

you can try bugis street.. think cost less than 40 bucks a pair.. :) i dun remember the shop name but its a shoe shop near the left entrance of bugis street ( the area that sells a lot of food)..

Bojana said...

I love that style of shoes. So chic!

IRIS and PIETER said...

aaah im searching for shoes like that too!
i did have seen many men shoes like that. wish i had huge feet :')
booo they're so lovely!
hm i bet we'll find the perfect pair one time :)

Ashburn Eng said...

they look so comfortable!!