Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Fantastic Xinjiang Trip

I loved my holiday trip to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, 2 weeks ago. Besides the beautiful scenary at Buerjin and Kanas River and making a lot of interesting new friends, I had quite a bit of fun, ridding a (very smart and tame) horse by myself up to a waterfall, a camel for the mandatory tourist photos and driving a 4-wheel terrain vehicle at the beautiful and scenic Ghost Town (so named because of the sand dunes that are naturally formed by wind movements - you need a lot of creativity to imagine the sand dunes as demons and ghosts).

At the Wuyi night bazaar in Urumqi, I ate mutton, grilled fish and other seafood from the road stalls and quite a fair bit of fried silk worm cocoons as well. That night I ended up with swollen eyes and a blocked nose as a result of a food allergy or food poisoning (I was very thankful that I could still breathe through my mouth otherwise there would be more adventures to the local hospital). As my mom was saying back home, why did I have to eat 8 pieces of the insect when 1 would do to try the taste (Ans: I did not want to waste so much food).

I bought dried raisins and walnuts but my favourite purchase is this brand new pair of velveteen mid-heeled Mary-Janes from a stall at the Wuyi night bazaar. The shoes are labelled as "gong yi bu xie" i.e. handcrafted fabric shoes. It's comfortable and so economically priced that I didn't have the heart to bargain for it (only S$3). This will look wonderful on its own or with a pair of colorful striped socks. I only regretted not buying a few more pairs since I've only seen them more commonly as flats.


hxian said...

i went to the same places and i agree, its a GORGEOUS place! Did you go into the mountains at kanas too? I remember they didnt allow us to use soap to prevent pollution. Good call! One of my best holidays ((:

Sheryl Wong said...

Yes we did, it was beautiful! They didn't say anything about the soap but it was a strictly no-smoking place so the air was super fresh!

Amanda and May said...
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Amanda and May said...

this is the first time i've read your blog, but i just want to comment - i went to those places in summer '06 as well! the "road-side" fruits were amazing.. though not to mention their slightly weird cuisines such as horse mlik yoghurt bits but i've got to say the environment was too beautiful

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