Sunday, December 21, 2008

Planner 2009

My Hello Kitty craze has struck again. It's an on-again-off-again affair with the cat with no mouth. This 2009 planner (or Schedule Book as the Japanese call it) has a red PVC cover with an machine-embroidered outline of the feline on it. The corner of each page shows Hello Kitty and her sister playing in the park, on the swing, and playing on the see-saw in a frame-by-frame mode. Just flip the pages and the cartoon can be seen!


Winnie said...

Haha, I love hello kitty too. She's too cute for me to stay away!

leyandrea13 said...

shit. i just commented on your belt post. but never mind. check out the new MAC x hello kitty collection, its very cute.
i went thru a phase myself. cheers!