Saturday, March 14, 2009

Other Juicy Charms

My small collection of Juicy Couture charms, which consist of the gum ball machine in the previous entry, a lipstick that can be rotated up and down to reveal more or less of the pink part and a cheque book:

The cheque book can be opened to reveal a cheque inside. I wonder how Banque De Juicy is doing in this global financial crisis:


Winnie said...

cute charms, what do you like to use them for?

Sheryl Wong said...

I wear them as pendants on a plain necklace. :) Do you have other suggestions?

leyandrea13 said...

they are really cute, sheryl! but aside from wearing them,.. yea being so tiny i guess theyre just novelty items haha. adorable.
you havent been blogging!! glad youre back
andrea oxoxxx
Life In Technicolor.

Sheryl Wong said...

Andrea, thanks, I wish I could blog more often too. :)

You're right about the charms, I generally just regard them as a small fun collection, mostly just for the pleasure of looking at them once in a while. haha They are not so tiny though, they make quite sizable pendants when worn on a chain.

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

i see you are crazy about accessories..
Can i link u?