Friday, April 18, 2008


The only fragrance that I never get tired of is Kenzo's FlowerByKenzo. I get irritated by other perfumes just a few hours after wearing them. My nose is super sensitive and I can't stand smelling the same smell the whole time. On the other hand, FlowerByKenzo is light, breezy and somehow reminds me of a baby's sweet breath.

Kenzo has organised a photography competition; just take any photo of a poppy (get one from the Kenzo counters if you don't have one; I definitely don't) in whatever way you fancy. Plant the poppy photograph in a virtual field at FlowerByYou and wait for the contest result in July 2008! Check out the digital poppy field! It's quite surreal.

I even found a FlowerByKenzo fan website here! Apparently, there are 5 members in Singapore according to the listing. I wonder......


Anonymous said...

How fun!
I think that I have a sensitive nose too! I have this one perfume, that whenever I smell it, I sneeze a minimum of 4 times! Haha!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

jenny h. said...

i am personally not a fan of this perfume. but a lot of my friends love it!

thanks for the comments on my blog :)
really appreciate it.
lets stay in touch!

yumiko said...

i also dont like perfume much but im an addict for clinique happy---i guess we all have one fragrance that we adore

oh, btw, i "tagged" you--maybe youve already been tagged but anyway,the "rules" ar on my blog

XUE said...

For years, I've use 3 types of parfum & this FbyK, is one of it !