Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lace Up Oxfords

When I saw this pair of oxfords in the Bally's display window at Ngee Ann City last Saturday, I almost skipped into the boutique with delight. By some sheer imagination, parallax error and bad eyesight, I thought that the shoes displayed on a lower shelf in the window was a pair of low to mid- heeled oxfords (I have been looking for a mid-heeled pair for the past 2 months). I was sorely disappointed to realise in the boutique that it was actually a pretty high-heeled pair.

So stylish in cream and black color combination and in a patent and suede contrast, I was almost tempted to get them. However, I decided eventually to continue the search for a pair in a more moderate height. Even in the name of beauty, there is a limit as to how much "torture" my feet can take.

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Jingyi said...

I want Hermes shoes....